Brush Work

My work addresses the subjectivity of perception and the dynamic nature of memory. Like a Rorschach test can reveal secrets of the psyche from an inkblot, or finding images in the clouds, the human mind conjures an array of imagery constructed from a single literal source. In a similar fashion, the essence of my images is the feelings conveyed rather than the details. As illustrated in Akira Kurosawa’s film Rashomon, we all perceive moments and events through our own lens.  They can be perceived wildly different from the person next to us. By utilizing gesso to combine with the photographic dyes of a c-print and transferring them to a new substrate, the photograph becomes a pictorial moment that straddles the line between photographic representation and a painterly representation, wandering between realism and expressionism. The image has been altered through the process,  just as our perception has been influenced by our experiences and beliefs.