Current Project

Grief is like an anchor. Some people are able to hoist it up and carry on, while others are held in place by it—trying to hold on, so as to not fully let go of who they have lost. I realized this by watching the TLC show “Hoarders” and seeing the common thread of grief that connects their stories and them to their objects. The everyday objects become a bridge between our “before” and “now”, and connects us to our past and our loved ones. Through image transfer processes the images and objects presented become infused with memories, and they become a bridge to my past. The objects are a concrete expression that can bring you there, presented as sculptural talismans on pedestals, shelves, or in cases preserving each memory and giving them reverence. My talismans are from a joyful and light-hearted place and not of grief.  A handful of stones always takes me back to the rocky shores of Maine where I spent many summers, a forgotten letter reveals the first step of a 20 year journey, and every rose reminds me of an answered prayer.