Artist’s Statement

My work addresses the subjectivity of perception and the dynamic nature of memory. Like a Rorschach test can reveal secrets of the psyche from an inkblot, or finding images in the clouds, the human mind conjures an array of imagery constructed from a single literal source. In a similar fashion, the essence of my images is the feelings conveyed rather than the details. As illustrated in Akira Kurosawa’s film Rashomon, we all perceive moments and events through our own lens. They can be perceived wildly different from the person next to us. By utilizing gesso to combine with the photographic dyes of a c-print and transferring them to a new substrate, the photograph becomes a pictorial moment that straddles the line between photographic representation and a painterly representation, wandering between realism and expressionism. The image has been altered through the process, just as our perception has been influenced by our experiences and beliefs.


At first glance, to most viewers the veiling c-prints portray urban decay. The cities or parts of a city that inhabit them fall into disrepair and decrepitude. The disintegrating images bring to mind depopulation, abandonment, unemployment, crime, and fragmented families. The impermanence of civilization is on the minds of many, especially in hard economic times.
Yet the images are fluid not a fixed form, memories and dreams begin to play at the viewer’s experience. We derive our own thoughts and conclusions. We create our own narratives. I see the cusp of a dream world where squeezing a building yields a rainbow . A “neverland” where the wind is so strong that the sidewalk is flapping in the breeze; Or a cab appears as though it is about to go over a waterfall and have an amazing adventure.


Our lives are built upon a continuum of moments and countless decisions—many of which seem completely insignificant. Only with the luxury of hindsight can we see the gravity of those decisive moments that significantly changed our lives. Should you go to the dance or the frat party? Do you take five and listen to the horses run, or keep moving on? Sticking to a calculated path, or changing your mind at the last minute can have a profound effect upon your future, but it’s completely unknown to you at that moment. My current portfolio takes those moments into consideration. Not only those but also the missed opportunities just beyond our reach. Our triumphs and our regrets have the same lasting effects upon us and guide us on our own unique paths.