Artist’s Statement

My work addresses the subjectivity of perception and the dynamic nature of memory. Like a Rorschach test can reveal secrets of the psyche from an inkblot, or watching clouds the human mind conjures an array of images constructed in the mind from a single literal source. As such, the essence of my work is the feeling conveyed less than the details.

The Gesso transfers series explores the idea of nostalgia and how human memory can selectively shape itself and the memory become something the moment  wasn’t.    The photo also becomes something it wasn’t- by way of the process in which the gesso combines with the photographic dyes of the cprint it becomes a painting straddling the line between a photographic representation and a painterly representation of that moment.

At first glance, to most viewers the C-print veiling images portray urban decay. The cities or parts of a city that inhabit them fall into disrepair and decrepitude. The disintegrating images bring to mind depopulation, abandonment, unemployment, crime, and fragmented families. The impermanence of civilization is on the minds of many, especially in hard economic times.

Yet the images are fluid not a fixed form, memories and dreams begin to play at the viewer’s experience. We derive our own thoughts and conclusions. We create our own narratives. I see the edge of a dream world where squeezing a building yields a rainbow. A “neverland” where the wind is so strong that the sidewalk is flapping in the breeze;  Or  that cab appears as though it is about to go over a waterfall and have an amazing adventure.

Continuing in this vein the series of image from Blurred are representational of the way that almost instantaneously or minds alter reality while at the same time recall certain aspects with precise detail.

Within these current portfolios all photographs were printed as C-Prints. The dyes of which were chemically lifted and manipulated by hand.